National MRO Services

The U.S. Government has sponsored ongoing studies of drug use, which serve as the basis for drug screening in the work place. MRO services are a vital component of an effective substance abuse testing program. Our physicians are certified and possess exceptional knowledge as well as experience in MRO services.

HealthMed Associates will make sure that each of our clients complies with all federal and state regulations that govern the workers compensation arena including D.O.T.

We provide the following MRO services:

  1. Federally Mandated/Regulated Drug & Alcohol Test
    1. Employers can fulfill their drug and alcohol testing requirements specified by the Department of Transportation (DOT) through our Drug and Alcohol Management Program.
    2. The Following are required to be in this program, which selects 50% of employees for Urine Drug Screens and 10% of the employees for Breath Alcohol Tests each year:
      • DOT – Department of Transportation

  2. Non Mandated/Non Regulated Drug & Alcohol Test

    Similar to Federally mandated/Regulated Drug & Alcohol Test Programs; this type of program allows companies to select:

    1. How often selections are made
    2. How many employees are selected
    3. Whether both drug and alcohol screenings should be performed

    Since these drug tests are not mandated, companies are able to customize the program based on their respective needs/policy.

  3. BAT Breath Alcohol Test is an estimate of employee’s Breath Alcohol Concentration (BAC). Test measures the amount/percentage of alcohol in the air you exhale.

  4. UDS Urine Drug Screening, used to test an individual suspected of drug abuse by screening their urine

D.O.T. Physicals
Health Med is now offering FREE D.O.T. Physicals to New Clients.

For more details, please contact Jim at (732) 985-2552.