1. Post Offer Physicals

    Our certified staff helps employers assess the workability of an individual for a specific job, helping them to determine the modifications necessary for an employee to perform specific job duties.

  2. Return to work

    Our certified team of Physicians determines workability of an individual post injury and what modifications and accommodations are necessary for an individual to safely return to work.

  3. Annual OSHA Mandated Physicals

    Special physicals mandated by OSHA annually for certain occupations. Our staff is trained in administration and assessment of these exams. Common OSHA mandated exams include:

    1. Respirator examination/clearance
    2. Physicals
    3. Pulmonary function tests
    4. HAZMAT clearance
    5. Audiometric Screening
    6. Blood screening for determining lead levels at worksite
    7. Blood borne pathogens and vaccinations