Are you waking up coughing, sneezing, have an achy fever, can’t move? You might be suffering from a cold or flu. Influenza is the most common threat to you and your family’s health. If untreated, this virus can progress to flu-related respiratory illnesses, Physicians visits, Hospitalizations and death in extreme cases.

Proper vaccination for the current flu is 90% effective against battling this nasty virus and can aid in maintaining a healthy immune system. Health Med Associates are a vital component in helping your family get vaccinated and stay healthy.

In case you or your loved ones have been exposed to the flu, our Physicians may also recommend taking antiviral medications and a healthy diet to help your body battle the virus and reduce severances of flu-related symptoms.

Come in for a checkup and receive expert care from our certified physicians. We offer on-site and off-sit flu shots during flu season to battle common colds, pneumonia and influenza.

An estimated 25 – 50 million cases of cold/flu are reported annually in the U.S.
Nationwide 150,000 hospitalizations each year result from the flu.
In the U.S. 30,000 to 40,000 deaths yearly are due to flu.
90% of these deaths occur in older adults and are attributed to influenza and pneumonia.